The current global climate crisis movement is built on 3 key pillars – climate action by civil society, business and government.

The Climate Media Coalition believes that there is one crucial pillar which needs to be added – the Fourth Estate i.e. the global media.

The Climate Media Coalition’s vision is to have this fourth pillar built and installed into the global climate movement’s campaigning architecture as fast as possible i.e. that the global media be a core part of the movement’s strategy to move to a carbon negative economy.

We are a not-for-profit company set up to achieve this express purpose.

Make no mistake, the positive global backing of the planet’s media for radical action on the climate emergency will enable humanity to potentially reduce carbon emissions fast enough to avoid certain global ecological and human catastrophe.

The global media needs to be inspired to take the climate emergency as seriously as the western media took the second world war, as the existential stakes for nature and humanity are now far higher.

To achieve this objective our Top 10 Climate Media Coalition Aims are:

1/ The global media to cease coverage of non-peer reviewed climate-denialism science

2/ To end the media’s support for the lethal fossil-fuel industry.

3/ The media to promote constructive debate on best and fairest ways to urgently reduce carbon emissions by governments, businesses and individuals.

4/ To have the media promote rather than oppose urgent need to switch to low-carbon lifestyles (i.e. less than one ton/person) and end promotion of high-carbon lifestyles.

5/ To get media to divest from selling advertising promoting fossil fuels.

6/ To have corporate marketing departments assist the effort to help customers reduce their emissions.

7/ For the media & advertising industries to radically reduce their own carbon emissions.

8/ For the global advertising & media industries to accept their responsibility to strenuously help rather than hinder efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

9/ For the global public-affairs / political lobbying industry to divest from accounts that promote the lethal fossil fuel industry and high-carbon consumerism.

10/ To get agreement by the global media to cover climate science scepticism in proportion to its existence in scientific peer reviewed journals i.e. about 5% or less of coverage.

You can help by taking a few minutes to email corporate media leaders via our “Media Owners Take Action on Climate Campaign”. Send your direct personal message easily to them via our Campaign Page.