Climate/Eco Column Campaign for Local Papers

This campaign aims to encourage knowledgeable climate activists to offer a regular monthly column to their local papers, which would cover climate and ecological issues from a local context.

The Islington Gazette was the first paper to agree to carry such a monthly column written by the environmental journalist Nicola Baird.

One of our Directors, Donnachadh McCarthy, has been writing such a column for his local paper Southwark News for almost a decade.

A number of members of our Facebook group are in negotiations with their local papers, seeking to bring regular climate / eco columns to communities across Britain.

We will update this page as we hear of new columns being initiated.

Please contact us if you would like any support in approaching your local paper.

The usual criteria your local editors will be looking for are:

1. In depth knowledge about the subject.

2. Familiarity with the local paper itself and its style. Normally, a column does not need to be in line with the usual editorial policies of the paper.

3. Be able to write about the issues from a local context.

4. Be a reasonably good writer.

Our aim is to get, at a minimum, one regular monthly climate/eco column into every local paper in the UK and globally, as fast as possible.