Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA


Donnachadh is a professional eco-auditor, author and environmental campaigner. He is a former deputy chair of the Liberal Democrats and served on the board of the party for seven years. He is now not a member of any political party and enjoys working with people in all parties or none to address our common environmental crises. He was the Weekly Climate Columnist for The Independent and has had articles printed in the Guardian, Times, Ecologist, Resurgence etc. He wass a regular panelist on The Climate Show hosted by  Sky News.

Donnachadh is the author of Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth, Easy Eco-auditing, and The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy has Been Bought. He is the co-founder of the successful cycling campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists. His environmental consultancy 3 Acorns Eco-audits helps deliver the Corporation of London’s City Bridge Trust eco-auditing programme for London charities. His Victorian home in Camberwell, was London’s first carbon negative home. It has solar electric and solar hot-water, a Clean Air Act compliant wood-burner, solid-wall insulation, rain-harvester and composting toilet.

Caspar Hughes

Caspar Hughes is co-organiser of the cycling campaign group Stop Killing Cyclists, and is a trustee of Wheels for Wellbeing. He was the owner of the cycle events company Rollapaluza. He is an ardent believer in practicing what he preaches as an environmental campaigner and lives in Exeter with his partner and daughter.