Social Media Campaigns

The Climate Media Coalition recognises how important a role social media now plays alongside traditional broadcasting and print media.

People’s social media are often filled with advertising for high-carbon lifestyles.

Peaceful Climate Advert Warriors

Fossil-fuel and high-carbon consumer corporations use social media adverts to increase social permission for their products, whether they are luxury cars or long-haul flights/holidays/cruises.

Our first social media campaign encourages supporters to just once a day reply to such an advert with a polite assertion of the destruction involved in the corporation’s products.

For example, if you receive an advert for a new car, a suggested tweet would be:

“New cars (both EV & ICE) emit between 6 to 40 tons of embedded carbon from manufacturing, before they have driven a kilometer = 8 to 53 years UK home electricity emissions = climate crisis collusion . #BikesNotCars #ClimateMediaCoalition”

Or if you receive an advert for a long-haul flight or holiday, you could tweet in reply:
“Flights can emit up to 3 tons of CO2 per person = 4 years UK home electricity emissions. We cannot afford unnecessary flights in our climate emergency.”